Happy New Year!

On January 2, 2017

Here’s hoping you all enjoyed the holidays. Barbara flew to Tulsa to spend time with her father, sister, and nephew, all of whom were sick within 36 hours of her arrival. She had planned to drive to Bentonville, Arkansas, home of her older daughter, Amy, so she left a little earlier (and luckily, did not get the flu). Younger daughter Jen and her family joined the festivities, so Barbara got to see both her daughters and all 3 grandchildren for Christmas.

Barbara Re-connecting with 2 Friends

On October 13, 2016

Barbara recently had the pleasure of re-connecting with 2 of the friends from last September’s week in the southwest of France. Jim and Ron visited NYC from their home in Seattle, and their top priority was a real pastrami sandwich. They were satisfied by the humongous ones at Katz’s Deli, and appreciated the “ambiance.” Afterwards we had a very interesting tour of the Tenement Museum. Jim had always wanted to see Flatbush Avenue (Barbara: “So there’s Flatbush Avenue.” Jim: “Ok we can go now.”) and from there we toured some of Brooklyn and had chopped liver and matzo ball soup at Mile End. (“We can’t get this kind of food in Seattle!”) In appreciation of her tour guiding, Ron and Jim treated Barbara to an Italian feast at Scarpetta on their last night in town. They’ll be back next spring, and have already bought tickets to “Hello, Dolly!” with Bette Midler. Can’t wait!


Barbara Celebrates Her Father’s 92nd Birthday

On July 10, 2016

Barbara went to Tulsa, Oklahoma the first week in July to celebrate her father’s 92nd birthday. It was a great family party! Barbara’s sister Daphne recently retired as a physical therapist in the Chicago suburbs & has moved in with Dad, so he’s in good hands. But as you can see, the patriarch of the Sellars family is doing quite well in his ninth decade.


Barbara in Lisbon & Porto

On June 7, 2016

Barbara spent the last week of May in Lisbon & Porto with an old friend, staying in AirbnB apartments in both cities. She met the challenge of all the hills & stairs in both places, ate great food, & toured many palaces, castles, & churches. Thanks to Nicole who took call for 10 days straight to make this possible!

Barbara in Portugal, where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean

Barbara & her friend Sandy in Lisbon

Grandkids in Gotham

On March 24, 2016

Barbara recently had the pleasure of visits from 2 of her grandchildren. Kieran, 16, spent his Spring Break in NYC & his sister, Kendall, 19, was in town for environmental activist training. They overlapped by one day & were happy to see each other, since Kieran is in high school in Tulsa & Kendall is working in Richmond, Va. Kieran & Barbara went to the Museum of Modern Art & the new Whitney, saw “School of Rock” on Broadway, worked out together at the gym, & had pedicures together (that was his idea!) Kendall wanted to go to MOMA too (good thing Barbara is a member) before she left for Japan where she will meet her Aunt Jen & cousin Clementine for Clementine’s Spring Break.

Kendall, Barbara & Jackson Pollack

Kieran & Barbara at the gym

Goodbye and Good Luck, Houda!

On March 17, 2016

Many of you have had the opportunity to meet the Danish midwifery student who observed our practice during the month of February. Houda Bourid will finish her midwifery education in Copenhagen after one more semester of study. While in NYC, she was able to sit in on the Birthing Center class and prenatal yoga classes at the hospital, Mary Eikeseth’s childbirth education class, and Elaine Keller, CNM’s office hours for a day, as well as participate with Nicole and Barbara in seeing CBS clients for 4 weeks. She was very interested in the scope of midwifery practice here, which is much more extensive than in Denmark. We are happy to be able to foster good relations between midwives of different cultures, and hope we have contributed to Houda’s knowledge of midwifery in this country. While born and raised in Denmark, Houda’s family is originally from Morocco, so Barbara and Nicole now have an open invitation to visit Rabat!

Houda treats Barbara to brunch

Barbara shows Houda around NYC


On January 24, 2016

Two CBS Midwifery clients gave birth during the big snowstorm – 7 lb. 5 oz “Graham” came into the world just after midnight, and 8 lb. 5 oz “Valentina” arrived about 18 hours later.

Barbara got to watch through the night as the storm gathered force and the snow flew. Later the streets emptied and the quiet descended over NYC – it was a little eerie coming home Saturday evening. When the Starbucks are closed in this town, you know something big is going on.

Congratulations to both mommies and daddies!

Barbara’s 2,000th baby!

On December 19, 2015

A week before Christmas, 2015, at the Birthing Center – a baby boy born to Sabrina & Faraz.
What an honor & a privilege! Please celebrate with us!

Barbara's 2,000th baby!


On November 29, 2015

CBS Midwifery’s 3,500th client gave birth on Thanksgiving Day – we were all so grateful for a beautiful healthy baby girl and 38 years of our practice. Next up: Barbara’s 2,000th! (That’s babies, not birthdays). Stay tuned for the big announcement!

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