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Welcome to CBS Midwifery

Barbara Sellars and Nicole Marshall provide prenatal, delivery, and gyn services at CBS Midwifery. Births are attended at Roosevelt Hospital, a member of the Mt. Sinai Medical Group.

Practice News

Availability & Vacation Schedule – 2014

On April 12, 2014


Barbara is accepting 4 to 5 clients due in any calendar month, until Nicole starts taking call in September 2014.

April, May, and June are fully booked.
There are limited openings for clients with due dates from July 25 – August 31, 2014.

When Nicole is taking call, starting in September, 2014, the practice will accept 6 -7 clients due in any one calendar month.

October is fully booked.
There are limited openings available for clients due in September, November and until December 8, 2014.


Barbara needs to take some time off for her family this summer, so she is not accepting patients due after June 20th or before July 25th. That’s for her Dad’s 90th birthday and our family week at the Jersey Shore.

Barbara will also not be accepting any patients who have due dates between December 8, 2014 and January 5th, 2015 because she is spending holiday time with family in Oklahoma.

The “Traveling Circus” Vacation

On April 3, 2014

What a perfectly wonderful family vacation in March! Thanks to all my patients who waited until I got back to give birth, and thanks to Midwifery of Manhattan for covering for me while I was away.

My sister, Daphne, flew in from Chicago on Wednesday night, 3/12; my older daughter Amy and her kids Kendall (17) and Kieran (14) arrived Thursday night from Oklahoma. My youngest granddaughter Clementine (10) got in to JFK on Friday afternoon, and her mother Jennifer (my younger daughter) handed her off to us a couple of hours before our flight to Paris.

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A New Midwife at CBS

On April 3, 2014

I am pleased and excited to announce that Nicole Marshall, CNM, is joining me in providing care to clients at CBS Midwifery. I came to know her when she was working under Dr. Ottenheimer, providing gyn care here in the office at 80 Maiden Lane. I loved her positive attitude and buoyant personality, and so did her clients.

When Nicole was pregnant, she chose CBS Midwifery for her care, so we became closer through those 9 months and the birth of her daughter Eleanor in November, 2013. Nicole shares my philosophy that birth is a normal process and that women can be trusted to know what is best for them.

She will be working very part-time in the beginning – in order to meet our clients, she will share office hours with me on Thursday afternoons for a few months, before she starts seeing patients on her own. We anticipate that she will take call one day a week starting in September, 2014. You can read Nicole’s bio under “Meet the Midwives” – she is an experienced practitioner.

Meet The Midwives


I was a mother before I was a nurse or midwife, and my own experiences shaped my vision of what women’s health care should be. I know first-hand what a difference information and a sense of control can make when you are having a baby. Each woman and her partner are different, and there is no “right way” to give birth. My goal is to help each couple find their way to a safe and satisfying birth experience.
Barbara Sellars, CNM

Barbara Sellars, CNM attended Vassar College, gave birth to her daughters Amy and Jennifer, and then became a certified childbirth educator. She received a B.S.N. from the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated from Yale University’s Midwifery Program. She is privileged to have delivered all three of her grandchildren, Kendall (9/15/96), Kieran (10/6/99) and Clementine Rose (5/7/03).


Nicole Marshall, CNM has a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University and dual master’s degrees in Midwifery and Women’s Health from Columbia University. She began her career at Bronx Lebanon Hospital where she worked for 5 years attending births and caring for women of all ages. In 2011, Nicole decided to pursue her interest in global health and spent several months in Uganda where she taught sex education and delivered babies in a rural birthing center.

Most recently, Nicole worked at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as a research clinician, investigating drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV, and at Ottenheimer Health, practicing gynecology. Nicole lives with her husband and daughter, Eleanor, who was born into the hands of Barbara in 2013 at Roosevelt Birthing Center. She is thrilled to be joining CBS Midwifery.

Physician Consultants

Dr. Jacques Moritz

Dr. Jacques MoritzDr. Jacques Moritz is the primary consulting obstetrician for CBS Midwifery. He is a part of Columbus Circle Ob-Gyn, a Roosevelt Hospital faculty practice located at 200 W. 57th St. (You may have seen him as the good guy in “The Business of Being Born.”) Dr. Moritz is available to answer our questions by phone or e-mail, and reviews all of our patients’ histories at least twice during a pregnancy. When he is on vacation, his colleagues Dr. Edward Jew or Dr. Harry Lee are available to us.

The private attending physician who is designated by Roosevelt as the doctor supervising the obstetrical residents, and who must be physically present in the hospital when doing so, is the obstetrician who “covers” the midwives when they have a patient in labor.

Dr. Jaana Rehnstrom

jaananew09Dr. Jaana Rehnstrom and Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer share office space with CBS Midwifery at 80 Maiden Lane – Suite 901. These physicians do gynecology outside the scope of midwifery care, such as colposcopies and LEEPs.

Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer

Deborah-SmallThey work with three Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners (WHNP), who see uncomplicated GYN clients. While their practice is separate from CBS, we all consult with each other as needed in a very productive and beneficial collegial relationship.



My husband was not at all sure he wanted us to use a midwife for the birth of our child but I was convinced a midwife was the way to go. He was convinced once he met Barbara…

Ann M.


I had a phenomenal experience with Barbara Sellars. After putting in a lot of time and effort into finding out about every possible choice of care that would lead to delivery at the Roosevelt Birthing Center, I went with Barbara due to her modern, no fuss, common sense approach to pregnancy care…


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Pregnancy Care

Prenatal Care

Same physical care as physicians provide, but your entire appointment is spent with the midwife, with lots of time for discussion and questions.

  • Scheduled appointments are honored with little or no waiting.
    • First visit lasts one hour and includes:
    • Complete history
    • Full physical exam
    • Lab work
    • Discussion of nutrition, geared to your needs
    • Help in choosing genetic and developmental testing: making the decision that’s right for you and your partner
  • Repeat visits last half an hour – 5 minutes for physical check-up and 25 minutes for discussion
  • Partners, children, family members and friends are welcome.

Photo: The Toy Corner



Birth at Roosevelt Hospital

New Jacuzzi

Photo: New Jacuzzi in a Birthing Center Room

In-hospital birth center with Jacuzzis and double beds in each room, for low-risk clients. Discharge 12-24 hours after delivery.
One to two night hospital stay after birth in your private birth room on the fully-equipped Labor and Delivery floor, for clients who want the option of epidural anesthesia or just want to stay the extra time.

  • All exams by your midwife, not by residents or students
  • Midwife with you at the hospital for your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum
  • Food and drink encouraged during labor in Birthing Center – no IV’s necessary.
  • All modern technology available, including pain relief, but used only if necessary
  • You choose your birth position
  • 24 hour rooming-in available
  • Nursing staff that supports breastfeeding
  • Neonatal intensive care unit available
  • Instruction in baby care, including bathing



  • In-hospital visits from the midwife
  • Circumcision, if parents so desire
  • 6 weeks postpartum check up at the office
  • Family planning, with your needs in mind


Photo: View of a Birthing Center Room at Roosevelt Hospital



Photo: A chair for your toddler, a buggy for your newborn (Raggedy Ann comes out), and our handmade quilt

Well-Woman Gyn Care

For all those years when you’re not pregnant

  • Yearly exams and pap smears
  • Contraceptive counseling
    • Birth control pills
    • Nuva ring
    • Emergency contraception
    • Diaphragm
  • Treatment of vaginal infections and genital warts
  • Blood tests, urine tests
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Peri-menopausal counseling

Insurance & Fees


Any insurance company registered to provide obstetrical insurance coverage in the State of New York must, by law, provide coverage for midwifery services. Clients who are members of HMO’s and PPO’s which provide out of plan services have the option of using our practice.

If you are unsure of the information provided by your insurance carrier, please call the State Insurance Commissioner’s office in Albany, NY. Often, insurance representatives are unaware of midwifery services, and present misinformation regarding coverage.

Payment Options

We have two payment options available.
We do not participate in any plans at the present time.

Option 1:

  • Client pays fee in full before delivery.
  • $500 initial visit
  • $2000 due by 20th week
  • $1500 due by 28th week
  • $1500 due by 36th week

Option 2:

  • We will see patients on a per visit basis if you do not plan to deliver in New York.
  • $300 for the initial visit
  • $175 for each subsequent visit

(Includes all prenatal visits, labor and delivery care, postpartum hospital visits, and a six-week postpartum examination.)

Gyn Care:
» First visit $250 (1 hour, complete history and physical exam)
» Subsequent yearly check-ups $150

For more clarification, feel free to contact our office manager Connie Carnes at 212-366-4699 or email her at [email protected].

Fee Schedule

The $500 deposit due at the initial visit is partially refundable if you move or must leave our care for another legitimate reason.

Laboratory fees, sonograms, amniocentesis, circumcision, etc. are separate fees and may or may not be billed directly to the insurance carrier, depending on the policy coverage. If you have to see the back-up physician in his or her office, he or she will bill you separately for that service. If the physician is involved in your delivery, there will not be a separate fee.

About CBS

CBS Midwifery was established in 1982, and by 2014 had helped birth over 3,300 babies.

Obstetrical and well-woman gynecology care is provided by Barbara Sellars, CNM, who is certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and Nicole Marshall, CNM. Barbara, herself, has helped birth over 1,900 babies.

Midwifery is recognized as a licensed profession by the state of New York. Barbara has the legal authority to write prescriptions.

Our office staff is friendly and helpful. When you call, make sure you let them know if it is an emergency.

Connie Carnes, our office manager, can assist with questions about billing and insurance.

Photo: Located in this beautiful old building in the Financial District. Near Fulton Street subway stop and PATH train.