Barbara Sellars, CNM

The International Day of the Midwife

May 5, 2019

For forty years I have had the privilege of practicing midwifery, an endeavor more rewarding, demanding, and just plain fun than anything else in my life except motherhood. Thank you all for being a part of it - I have such wonderful memories!

As I midwife, one practices every day, in the same way a musician or an athlete, a yogi or an artist must practice. I would have happily continued to practice, learning new things and meeting new people, but the nights and the years caught up with me.

A year ago I stopped attending births, but have had the continuing pleasure of seeing clients for well-woman health care needs. Unfortunately, the office where I was subletting space at a very reasonable rate was closed at the end of March. Efforts to find affordable part-time space, suitably equipped, have been futile. WeWork doesn’t seem to have gyn exam rooms.

While I will no longer be practicing midwifery, I will always be a midwife. The email, texts, and phone calls will still reach me, and I maintain client records until the youngest child turns 21 years old, or it’s been more than 7 years since you were seen for other than pregnancy care.

Please stay in touch - I love seeing your photos and sharing your news. I will be gardening, traveling, and studying French.

Love and best wishes,


Happy New Year to all of you, and best wishes for 2024!

On December 18, 2023

Another year gone by! All our babies are growing up – my oldest granddaughter, Kendall, is engaged to be married in September ’24. My whole family will be celebrating with a party on December 23rd, so we’ll get to spend Christmas together. This will be the first one without my father, who passed away in March at 98. He had a good long life, but we miss him. Happy New Year to all of you, and best wishes for 2024!!

My daughter’s book!

On February 14, 2023

My daughter’s book! It will be published soon and you can pre-order it now on Amazon, Bookshop.org, etc. Really thoughtful insights from my kid who was Deputy Chief Technology Officer in the Obama Administration, and founder of Code for America, a non-profit that continues to help cities with tech solutions to civic problems. Am I proud? You bet.

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