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  • Barbara’s 2,000th birth.
  • Owned & run by New York City midwives since 1982
  • Barbara with a prenatal patient
  • Nicole with a prenatal patient
  • The belly - then the baby!
  • New mom, dad, and baby at the Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Mt. Sinai Roosevelt or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center
  • View of a Birthing Center Room at Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Mt. Sinai Roosevelt or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center
  • Danielle Jackson, RN, welcomes you to Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Mt. Sinai Roosevelt or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center

Welcome to CBS Midwifery

Barbara Sellars and Nicole Marshall provide prenatal, delivery, and gyn services at CBS Midwifery. Births are attended at Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Roosevelt Hospital or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center.

Why Choose CBS Midwifery?

Individualized Care

  • Two midwives - you get to know us and we get to know you
  • No more than 8 clients accepted for any one calendar month
    • Barbara and Nicole are not too busy or too tired to meet your needs
  • Direct Access - you have our cell phone numbers from your first visit
    • Text, call, or email at any time, day or night and we will respond
    • No answering service between you and your midwife
    • No "press 1 for this" or "2 for that"
  • Midwife stays with you throughout your birth - we do not hand over your care to another provider if complications arise, but are by your side to explain, support, and advise you if MD help is needed
  • Long appointments
    • Plenty of time for questions and answers
    • First prenatal visits = 1 hour
    • Follow up visits = 1/2 hour
    • Postpartum visit = 1 hour

Options for Birth

  • In-hospital Birthing Center
    • Supportive, non-interventive care for uncomplicated births
    • Intermittent fetal monitoring
    • No routine IV's
    • Jacuzzi tubs
    • Eating or drinking allowed throughout labor
    • No limit on number of support people with you in labor
    • Choice of position for delivery
    • Partner and baby stay with you until discharge
    • Early discharge (12-18 hours) if appropriate
      • Pediatrician must clear baby
      • Mom must feel ready to go home
  • Labor and Delivery Unit
    • New triage area with private rooms, not curtains separating beds
    • Private labor rooms one floor above Birth Center, for easy transfer if needed
    • Bathtubs in each labor room
    • MD's, residents, and physician assistants who are supportive of midwifery care
    • 3 operating rooms and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, just in case
  • Postpartum Unit
    • For clients who deliver on Labor and Delivery:
      • Rooming-in for all babies, as desired
      • Private rooms where partners can spend the night with mom and baby (extra charge for private rooms)
    • Lactation consultants available 7 days/week
    • Nursing staff supportive and knowledgeable about breastfeeding

Pain Control Options

  • Nitrous oxide ("gas and air")
  • Analgesics (Demerol or Stadol, given as an injection)
  • Epidural anesthesia (on Labor and Delivery Unit only)

Good Outcomes

  • Satisfied clients (See testimonials)
  • Low Cesarean and episiotomy rates
  • 47+ years of midwifery experience!

Reasons to Celebrate!

For my 70th birthday, I am thrilled to announce that we have hired a 3rd midwife for CBS Midwifery. Amanda Segilia has been at Midwifery of Manhattan for 12 years, so she is very experienced. Nicole and I know her well as a lovely woman who is a great clinician, funny, empathetic, and devoted to her patients. We feel very lucky that she has agreed to join us.

Our practice has been overwhelmed with demand for midwifery services since Midwifery of Manhattan announced its closing as of May 31, 2017. Clients and fellow midwives in NYC are devastated to lose MoM. We are pleased that we can take on more patients with Amanda as part of our team, and those former MoM clients who have or will come to CBS for their health care needs with find a familiar face in our office.

Amanda will begin working along side me and Nicole in order to meet everyone who is pregnant, and will start taking call in June. Like Nicole, she will do one day in the office and be on call for two 24 hour periods per week.

I am not retiring. I still love being a midwife, and celebrate that I can still get down on the floor or climb up on the bed to accommodate my patient’s preference for birth position! I celebrate still having my wits about me so that I can continue to learn and grow professionally. I will still be taking call 3 nights a week, and filling in when there’s a sick kid, a family emergency, or a vacation. Nicole and Amanda have agreed that I can deliver my former clients again if I was with that woman for her previous baby’s birth. But I am looking forward to NOT being on call 5 nights a week.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me (70 years old) and CBS Midwifery (35)!


Introducing Amanda

Amanda Segilia, CNM, is a 2004 graduate of Columbia University’s Nurse-Midwifery Program, and began working at Midwifery of Manhattan in 2005. Amanda’s combined passions of international and women’s health and her undergraduate studies in anthropology inspired her path to midwifery. She was employed in the field of not-for-profit public health and as a labor and delivery nurse in NYC prior to her career in midwifery. Before starting with Midwifery of Manhattan, she trained in a home birth setting providing care to Amish and Mennonite families in rural Pennsylvania. She continues to be inspired by birth, yoga, and her dynamic husband and children, and hopes to share this energy with the women she cares for. Amanda lives in Maplewood, NJ with her husband and 3 children, who were born in the Mt. Sinai West Birthing Center.

Nicole is absolutely thrilled to welcome Amanda into CBS Midwifery, She is confident that Amanda’s exceptional clinical skills and her warm personality will make her the perfect fit. And an added bonus: Nicole and Amanda are practically neighbors in Maplewood, NJ!

Orientation for Prospective Clients

CBS Midwifery offers a free Orientation for Prospective Clients on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm.

This session is held at our office and will give you an opportunity to meet one or both of the midwives and hear about our practice. The sessions should last about one hour, and there is plenty of time for you to ask all your questions, if they were not covered by our presentation. Please call the office (1-212-366-4699) to book your spot, as space is limited due to the size of our waiting room, where the session is held. You and your partner are both welcome. If you have questions about fees/insurance coverage, please contact office manager/insurance expert Connie Carnes, at [email protected], which is a secure email.

If you are unable to attend the free, group orientation, you may book an appointment with one of the midwives during regular office hours, but you will only be able to meet one of us at such an appointment, and there will be a $50 fee.

Our front desk staff answers the phone from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday (the office is closed on holidays). On the one Friday each month when we have a staff meeting, the phone will be answered starting at 10:00 am.

Practice News


On October 6, 2016


CBS Midwifery is now accepting up to 8 clients due in any one calendar month.

More appointment times available!
We are now able to see patients every Tuesday afternoon from 1 – 4:30 pm. Barbara and Nicole will alternate Tuesday afternoons in the office.

Call Coverage

Nicole covers call two 24 hour periods each week, one weekend a month, and when Barbara is on vacation. Barbara is on call the rest of the time.

Barbara’s daughter has bought her a ticket for “Hamilton” for June 25, 2017 so she will not be available that afternoon!

Happy Spring!

On April 16, 2017

Happy Spring! Hat designed and made by my granddaughter, Clementine Hecker, elicited many compliments and smiles at the Easter Parade. Clementine’s mother, my daughter Jennifer, and her husband Tim have invited me to join them in Ireland in May. I’ll be leaving on the night of the 11th for Dublin, and meeting them in Killarney on the 14th – back on the 17th. Welcoming any suggestions for my short time in the Emerald Isle! Barbara

Nicole’s Vacation in Sedona

On February 25, 2017

Nicole just came back from a lovely vacation in Sedona, Arizona with her family and in-laws. She enjoyed the beautiful weather, spectacular vistas, and lots of hiking in the Red Rocks. She even got to visit the Grand Canyon—-incredible!

Quick trip to Paris

On January 17, 2017

Barbara snuck away for 4 nights in Paris with her sister Daphne to see this exhibition of Impressionist art at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Great little apartment near Notre Dame; fabulous food; & the clouds & occasional rain did not spoil anything. Back on MLK Day – thanks to Nicole for covering!

Wishing everyone a healthy and joyous 2017!

On January 3, 2017


December was a very happy month in our house. This year Christmas and Chanukah fell over the same week. Eleanor was in her glory–Santa AND 8 night of candles, singing and latkes. We were able to enjoy lots of family time thanks to all the babies who waited until after the holidays to enter the world.

Meet The Midwives


I was a mother before I was a nurse or midwife, and my own experiences shaped my vision of what women's health care should be. I know first-hand what a difference information and a sense of control can make when you are having a baby. Each woman and her partner are different, and there is no "right way" to give birth. My goal is to help each couple find their way to a safe and satisfying birth experience.
Barbara Sellars, CNM

Barbara Sellars, CNM attended Vassar College, gave birth to her daughters Amy and Jennifer, and then became a certified childbirth educator. She received a B.S.N. from the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated from Yale University's Midwifery Program. She is privileged to have delivered all three of her grandchildren, Kendall (9/15/96), Kieran (10/6/99) and Clementine Rose (5/7/03).


Nicole Marshall, CNM has a bachelor's degree from Fordham University and dual master's degrees in Midwifery and Women's Health from Columbia University. She began her career at Bronx Lebanon Hospital where she worked for many years attending births and caring for women of all ages. In 2011, Nicole decided to pursue an interest in global health and spent several months in Uganda where she taught sex education and delivered babies in a rural birthing center alongside traditional birth attendants. Nicole has also worked at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as a research clinician, investigating drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV, and at Ottenheimer Health, practicing holistic gynecology.

Nicole lives with her husband and daughter, Eleanor, who was born into the hands of Barbara at Mt. Sinai West Birthing Center. She lives in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Physician Consultants

Dr. Jason Kanos

Dr. Jason KanosDr. Jason Kanos is the primary consulting physician for CBS Midwifery. He is a private attending physician at Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Mt. Sinai Roosevelt or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, and is the head of the Quality Assurance program at the hospital. He is available to us by phone, text, or email with any questions we may have, and will see any of our patients who need his hands-on expertise, at his office at 780 Eighth Avenue in mid-Manhattan.

Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer

Dr. Deborah OttenheimerDr. Deborah Ottenheimer and her staff share our office space at 80 Maiden Lane. Dr. Ottenheimer specializes in office gynecology and works with several nurse-practitioners and a physician’s assistant. We have a very friendly and cooperative relationship with Dr. Ottenheimer and her staff, and can consult with them about gyn issues (and they ask us questions about ob). The front desk staff meets the needs of both practices.

Obstetrical Coverage during Labor and Birth

The private attending physician who is designated by Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Mt. Sinai Roosevelt or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, as the doctor supervising the obstetrical residents, and who must be physically present in the hospital when doing so, is the obstetrician who “covers” the midwives when they have a patient in labor.



Right from the start I could see how Barbara and Nicole's practice is unique.

I was looking for a practice that I could transfer to at 26 weeks which would enable me to give birth in the birthing center, and I was hoping to find someone who would be personal and who care for me throughout. I didn't want to go somewhere where I would meet the care provider once, and then see her again for the birth and that's it...

Well, with CBS I definitely got what I was looking for! Barbara and Nicole are big on getting to know their clients before their birth times come. I loved being on a first name basis with my care providers, loved having their phone numbers and being able to ask them any question at any time. I am so appreciative of how pleasant and comfortable they made my birthing experience. I'm realizing now how confident they made me feel - how encouraging and empowering they were! Nicole made me feel so confident about breastfeeding by telling me how I had great nipples for breastfeeding. Barbara told how I surprised her by being already 5 centimeters dilated when we got to the hospital! And all throughout she kept telling me how well I was doing. She even commented how it looked like I'd given birth before! Barbara helped me listen to my body and follow my instincts. Contrast that with the comments my friends are hearing from their doctors — "your pelvis is too small," "your baby is too big," "do you really want to stay here doing this for hours - we could just give you a C-section"!! The contrast is especially great when I think of how Barbara told me during my labor, "the hospital says I have to offer you a C-section because of the amount of weight you gained... there, I offered it to you. You don't want it, right?" Her assurance that this was ridiculous, and that a C-section really wasn't necessary, calmed me and made me feel settled about my natural birth choice.

I am so thankful for the calming and empowering attitude both Barbara and Nicole have toward their clients. When a woman is giving birth and she in a very sensitive state they know exactly what to say to make her feel capable and strong!

In addition to all that, they were respectful and helpful regarding our religious needs. Barbara got a partition for us; she filled out forms for us because we couldn't write on Shabbat... all with a smile.



When we first found out I was pregnant, I was a nervous wreck about finding the right practice. We had only lived in the city for a few months and none of our friends here had babies, so we had no one to ask for a recommendation. Being first time "parents", everything was new and a little bit scary, especially when we thought of the labor and delivery. So, when we started researching providers, our main concern was to find someone we felt comfortable with, build a relationship with, and that would be there on "the big day." From the very start, CBS Midwifery met all our needs and more. From the new patient orientation up through delivery, you made us both feel completely at ease. You always took the time to talk through all of our questions at each appointment, provide insight for dealing with the symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy and postpartum life, and offered reassurance about the decisions we made. We are incredibly appreciative of your patience and support throughout the entire pregnancy. We left each appointment feeling well-informed and overall just happy with the treatment we received. The thought of the labor and delivery scared me, but as we got closer to our due date, just knowing one of the two of you would be there with us helped ease my fears. We truly could not have asked for a better experience throughout the whole process. Choosing CBS Midwifery was without a doubt the BEST decision we made!

Cristin, Barrett, and baby Madeleine


Nicole Marshall and Barbara Sellars are absolutely amazing. Anyone looking for an empowering birth experience will find ideal caregivers with CBS Midwifery...


From my first communication with Barbara, I knew she would be the woman to see us through this experience. She was (and still is!) always available to answer questions and concerns (and responds very quickly) – and does so with a sense of humor and in a manner that can put even the most worried minds at ease.



My husband was not at all sure he wanted us to use a midwife for the birth of our child but I was convinced a midwife was the way to go. He was convinced once he met Barbara...

Ann M.


I had a phenomenal experience with Barbara Sellars. After putting in a lot of time and effort into finding out about every possible choice of care that would lead to delivery at Mt. Sinai West, formerly known as Mt. Sinai Roosevelt or St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, I went with Barbara due to her modern, no fuss, common sense approach to pregnancy care...


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CBS Midwifery Statistics for 2016

  • Total deliveries = 66
  • Vaginal deliveries = 49
    • Of the vaginal deliveries:
      • Intact perineum/no stitches = 28
      • Episiotomies = 5
      • Perineal lacerations requiring stitches = 22
  • Cesarean deliveries after labor = 7
    • Reasons:
      • Fetal indications = 6
      • Unable to push the baby out after 2 or more hours of pushing = 1
  • Cesarean deliveries without labor:
    • Reasons:
      • Breech baby, could not be turned = 2
      • 10 lb. 8 oz baby in “unstable lie” at term (kept changing to breech and back again) – 1
      • 3rd Cesarean birth; maternal choice = 1
  • First time moms = 49
  • Second babies = 15
  • 3rd baby = 1 (all 3 with CBS Midwifery)
  • 4th baby = 1 (all with CBS Midwifery)
  • Total of “repeat customers” who had their previous babies with CBS Midwifery = 12

Pregnancy Care

Prenatal Care

Same physical care as physicians provide, but your entire appointment is spent with the midwife, with lots of time for discussion and questions.

  • Scheduled appointments are honored with little or no waiting.
    • First visit lasts one hour and includes:
    • Complete history
    • Full physical exam
    • Lab work
    • Discussion of nutrition, geared to your needs
    • Help in choosing genetic and developmental testing: making the decision that's right for you and your partner
  • Repeat visits last half an hour - 5 minutes for physical check-up and 25 minutes for discussion
  • Partners, children, family members and friends are welcome.

Photo: The Toy Corner



Birth at Mt. Sinai West

New Jacuzzi

Photo: New Jacuzzi in a Birthing Center Room

In-hospital birth center with jacuzzis and queen-sized beds in each room. Discharge 18-24 hours after delivery. If parents wish to stay longer after a birth in the Birth Center, they may be transferred to a regular postpartum room after the first 18 - 24 hours, for the second night in the hospital.
Delivery in a private room on the Labor and Delivery Unit, followed by transfer to a postpartum room for a 1 - 2 night stay. Epidurals are available on the Labor and Delivery Unit. Private postpartum rooms, where the partner may stay overnight with the new mom and baby, are available for an extra fee.

  • All exams by your midwife, not by residents or students
  • Midwife with you at the hospital for your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum
  • Food and drink encouraged during labor in Birthing Center - no IV's necessary.
  • All modern technology available, including pain relief, but used only if necessary
  • You choose your birth position
  • 24 hour rooming-in available
  • Nursing staff that supports breastfeeding
  • Neonatal intensive care unit available
  • Instruction in baby care, including bathing



  • In-hospital visits from the midwife
  • Circumcision, if parents so desire
  • 6 weeks postpartum check up at the office
  • Family planning, with your needs in mind


Photo: View of a Birthing Center Room at Mt. Sinai West



Photo: A chair for your toddler, a buggy for your newborn (Raggedy Ann comes out), and our handmade quilt

Gentle Cesareans

At CBS Midwifery we take great pride in our low rate of cesarean section.

However, our highest priority is a healthy baby and a healthy mother and sometimes a cesarean is unavoidable. In these cases we can assure you that our surgeons are exceptional, we will stay with you throughout the C/S, and the experience will be beautiful. We are thrilled to offer a gentle, family-centered cesarean for women who need surgery for non-emergent reasons. This approach aims to invoke a peaceful, calm atmosphere that closely mimics what happens during and after a natural childbirth. The baby is placed immediately on mom's chest where he or she will stay skin to skin. You can bring relaxing music, and your partner can stay with you throughout the procedure. You can even watch the baby's birth through a clear or lowered drape.

Well-Woman Gyn Care

For all those years when you're not pregnant

  • Yearly exams and pap smears
  • Contraceptive counseling
    • Birth control pills
    • Nuva ring
    • Emergency contraception
    • Diaphragm
  • Intrauterine device (IUD) insertion and counseling
  • Treatment of vaginal infections and genital warts
  • Blood tests, urine tests
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Peri-menopausal counseling
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Insurance & Fees


Any insurance company registered to provide obstetrical insurance coverage in the State of New York must, by law, provide coverage for midwifery services. Clients who are members of HMO's and PPO's which provide out of plan services have the option of using our practice.

If you are unsure of the information provided by your insurance carrier, please call the State Insurance Commissioner's office in Albany, NY. Often, insurance representatives are unaware of midwifery services, and present misinformation regarding coverage.

Payment Options

» Our fee for care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum is $6,500.
» $500 is due at the first visit and the balance is to be paid by 36 weeks.
» We do not participate with any insurance companies.
(Includes all prenatal visits, labor and delivery care, postpartum hospital visits, and a six-week postpartum examination.)

If you need only some prenatal visits while you are here in New York City, and you know you will be having your baby somewhere else, we will be glad to see you on a per-visit basis and give you all your records when you are ready to move onward.

Gyn Care:
» First visit $250 (1 hour, complete history and physical exam)
» Subsequent yearly check-ups $150

For more clarification, feel free to contact our office manager Connie Carnes at 212-366-4699 or email her at [email protected].

Fee Schedule

The $500 deposit due at the initial visit is partially refundable if you move or must leave our care for another legitimate reason.

Laboratory fees, sonograms, amniocentesis, circumcision, etc. are separate fees and may or may not be billed directly to the insurance carrier, depending on the policy coverage. If you have to see the back-up physician in his or her office, he or she will bill you separately for that service. If the physician is involved in your delivery, there will not be a separate fee.

About CBS

CBS Midwifery was established in 1982, and by 2015 had helped birth over 3,500 babies.

Obstetrical and well-woman gynecology care is provided by Barbara Sellars, CNM, and Nicole Marshall, CNM, who are certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. Barbara, herself, has helped birth over 2,000 babies.

Midwifery is recognized as a licensed profession by the state of New York. Barbara and Nicole can write prescriptions.

Our office staff is friendly and helpful. When you call, make sure you let them know if it is an emergency.

Connie Carnes, our office manager, can assist with questions about billing and insurance.

CBS Midwifery Statistics for 2015

  • Total deliveries = 81
  • Vaginal deliveries = 68
  • Of the vaginal deliveries:
  • Intact perineum (no stitches) = 34
  • Episiotomies = 6
  • Perineal lacerations requiring stitches = 28
  • Cesarean deliveries after labor = 9 (11%)
  • Reasons:
  • Fetal indications = 6
  • Unable to push baby out after 2 or more hours of trying = 3
  • Cesarean deliveries without labor = 4
  • Reasons:
  • Breech baby, could not be turned = 2
  • 9 lb 14 oz. baby, no labor after 2 days of ruptured membranes = 1
  • Repeat Cesarean, post dates, bigger baby than the first one, maternal choice = 1
  • First-time moms = 55
  • Second baby = 22
  • Third baby = 2
  • Fourth baby = 1
  • Fifth baby = 1 (all 5 births with CBS!)
  • Repeat customers = 14 moms who had previous baby(babies) with CBS

Photo: Located in this beautiful old building in the Financial District. Near Fulton Street subway stop and PATH train.