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On July 14, 2021

Over 2,000 miles on the exercise bike I got when I became clear I would not be going back to the gym for a while.
Somewhat improved French, thanks to Rosetta Stone.
A completely refinished doorway and surround (33 windows = 132 corners!) and renovated foyer. (See previous blog post for “before” photo.)
A well-tended garden.

Soon after my second shot of the Moderna vaccine, my Dad fell and broke his hip. I flew down and spent a few days with him while he was still in the hospital in Tulsa, when the crowds at the airports were sparse and there were no lines at the TSA. Over Mother’s Day weekend, my daughters joined me in an Airbnb not far from Dad’s, and we all got to see how much his mobility had improved and enjoy his still-sharp wit. On that trip, there were more people flying but still few airport shops and restaurants open. To celebrate Dad’s 97th birthday recently, I made the trip once more. Great to see my father doing so well, but travel is no fun now – overcrowding and understaffing everywhere. Still, I am grateful to be able to GO again!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, and staying healthy.

Clockwise from top: The Patriarch (my Dad); my sister Daphne; her grandson, Fox; Daphne’s daughter/Fox’s mother, Emily; my daughter Jennifer; my daughter Amy; and me.

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