Wishing everyone a healthy and joyous 2017!

On January 3, 2017


December was a very happy month in our house. This year Christmas and Chanukah fell over the same week. Eleanor was in her glory–Santa AND 8 night of candles, singing and latkes. We were able to enjoy lots of family time thanks to all the babies who waited until after the holidays to enter the world.

Nicole in Fire Island

On September 9, 2016


Nicole had a great week in Fire Island with her family. Eleanor loved swimming in the waves, building sand castles with her cousins, flying kites and catching frogs. The moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends loved watching the little ones squeal with joy as they rode and tumbled through the waves (and also loved cocktails overlooking the sunset!) With two new additions to the family (baby Jessie and baby Maggie) the kids are officially running the show! Many thanks to Nonna for hosting another wonderful year.

Nicole at Newport Folk Festival

On August 3, 2016


Nicole had a great time at the Newport Folk Festival (third year in a row)! She stopped off in Ogunquit, Maine where she spent time with her in-laws and friends collecting beach treasures, swimming and rock climbing. Then it was off to Newport where she, Josh, and a bunch of friends danced the weekend away.


On January 30, 2016


We started 2016 out right–on vacation! Josh, Eleanor, and I flew to the bay area to visit many friends on the west coast, and learned immediately that 6 nights wasn’t going to be enough. In Marin, we took a journey through magical redwoods to a gorgeous beach where we looked for whales and ogled over enormous waves. In the city, we enjoyed Dolores park (especially the gigantic slide), beer gardens, and delicious food. From San Francisco, we trekked with 2 kids and 4 adults in one (huge!) vehicle to Lake Tahoe where we spent 3 days with my dear friend from college. We had a blast taking the kids snowshoeing and sledding, and loved getting our zen on at the hot springs. There’s nothing quite like old friends and we are forever grateful to have such fun-loving, hilarious and amazing people in our lives!


On August 4, 2015


Wow, I can’t believe it is already August! Some summer highlights include our annual Fire Island week where Eleanor was big enough (and brave enough) this year to swim in the ocean with her daddy, cousins, aunts, uncles and Nonna. What a delight to listen to squeals of joy as she jumped over the crashing waves. We also had a fantastic time, again, at the Newport Folk festival. A bit harder this year since Eleanor is on the move, and much of our time was spent chasing her through throngs of festival-goers, but as always, she made lots of people smile. We had a great time with our friends and we had the added treat of my in-laws joining in the fun. In July we welcomed the newest member of our family, my niece, baby Jessie who is absolutely darling. Summer in our new house has been incredible. We’ve spent countless days at the town pool and in our backyard picking blackberries and tomatoes, making new friends, swinging in the hammock and playing with the garden hose. We even cleaned out our backyard pond and got our very first pets–fish! Looking forward to many more BBQs before the summer comes to an end.

Vacation in Mallorca, Spain

On June 8, 2015


We recently had a fantastic vacation in Mallorca, Spain. A dear friend got married in the countryside on a gorgeous estate overlooking olive and almond groves surrounded by friends and family. Eleanor thoroughly enjoyed herself; she was elbow deep in paella at the rehearsal dinner, danced the night away with her daddy at the wedding, and swam in the chilly but beautiful pool the following day. Prior to the wedding, we spent several days enjoying morning coffee on the veranda, exploring tiny Mallorcan villages tucked away in the mountains, hiking to a secret cove, and soaking up the Spanish lifestyle of sangria, olives and siestas. What fun!

A Long Weekend in Vancouver

On October 19, 2014


Just home from a long weekend in Vancouver. It was wonderful to spend time with our dear friends from California, hiking at Whistler and biking through gorgeous Stanley Park. We weren’t deterred by the rain (though there was a lot of it) and managed to stay warm with delicious bowls of ramen and a micro-brew….or two!

Notes from Nicole

On August 16, 2014


I had a wonderful time at the Newport Folk Festival this summer with my husband, Josh, daughter, Eleanor, and friends. We rented a house near all the action and filled it with 6 adults and 5 kids. We enjoyed listening to many talented musicians and teaching Eleanor how to dance. Favorites included Nickel Creek, Tau and the Get Down Stay Down and Jeff Tweedy.  And boy does Newport have great fish and chips!

We also spent several days in Fire Island. It was mayhem and madness with my mom, sisters, sister-in-law, brother-in-laws, cousins, aunts, uncles, and nephews. Eleanor loved playing in the sand and putting her toes in the water.  She especially loved being entertained by her big cousins, JP, Harry, John and Hunter.  They taught her all about catching frogs, flying kites and building sand castles. We ended each day watching the beautiful sunset, sipping a cocktail, and cooking a huge barbecue.

In other news, I am now performing intrauterine insemination (IUI) in the office for single mothers by choice and same-sex couples.

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